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Stop Slicing #lesson 1

Before we can begin straightening out your slice we first need to understand why it occurs. To make this easier we can use the GCQuad to measure the the clubs collision with the ball and work out exactly why your ball flies where it does.

Reason Number 1:Your club face is pointing to the right of the club path at impact.

A slicers impact usually looks similar to the example above, with the club face open (pointing right) of the club path which is normally out to in. The will make the ball tilt on its axis and curve to the right. The bigger the difference between the path and face, the more the ball will curve in the air.

Reason Number 2: A Heel Strike

We now have the ability to measure where on the club face the ball is struck which gives us a far greater understanding of ball flight. Slicers generally have a strike pattern across the heel of the club which causes a phenomenon called Gear Effect. When a ball is struck off centre, the club twists around its centre of gravity which on a large headed driver is towards the rear of the head. The further away from the club face the more it will twist (therefore much less for an iron). To off-set this manufacturers bulge the face to help start the ball further left, but sometimes this isn’t enough to stop the ball from slicing into the trees!

So What Should You Do?

First step is to identify your strike pattern. Spray your club face with either Dr Scholls foot spray, some impact tape or give it a good clean. Then either hit ten balls either in a net at home, hit ten swings with a high tee peg (no ball in the garden) or wait until we can practice again and identify where the majority of your strikes occur. Do you have more than 5 strikes from the heel? If so, this is the area for you to work on.

Secondly, video your swing from face on and down the line in the garden. This week, I’ll be sending an email with four areas common areas that often cause a slice that you can check yourself. Alternatively, you can send me the video via CoachNow and I’ll do a remote assessment and send you some customised drills to practice. For information about this service just get in touch.

Take care and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon.


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